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Corporate Social Responsibility

We have determined to bring together some of our values and principles into one framework policy under the heading of Corporate Social Responsibility. We believe that our primary social responsibility is to remain financially viable and operationally sustainable. In doing so we will be more effective in contributing to society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Report is about how we conduct ourselves, the impact we have on the wider society and the decisions that we take that impact our environment. We fervently believe that we have a responsibility not only to our colleagues, but society as a whole and therefore take our relationships with our stakeholders and community groups very seriously, seeing them very much as part of our team. 

For business to be successful it needs to be more than an initial idea, it needs partnership, strategic alliances, commitment to sharing, the capacity to listen and the courage to speak out.

This Corporate Social Responsibility Report is a working document and we will report on our successes on an annual basis. This document will be reviewed for compliance and performance each year and new targets and new focuses will be set for the forthcoming timeframe.

Our full policy can be seen here Corporate Social Responsibility

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