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In short, any organisation looking to maximise rewards by putting the customer at the heart of their operation.

We work with commercial, public sector and charitable organisations that have a passion to be their very best, with resounding success in:

Our worldwide reputation has been built from a strong foundation in customer-driven environments using the model, originally created by the Institute of Hospitality in 1998, which effectively raised quality and professionalism in the sector. Since then, we have successfully embedded it into many different styles of operations to drive excellence. The Hospitality Assured framework works especially well because it was developed by people who are experts in their field and who recognise that today’s service economy is increasingly 24/7.

Each organisation has its own unique challenges and we reflect that individuality throughout the whole process from beginning to end through our custom-built approach. We help to build pride and confidence, ultimately harnessing the energy that comes from teams excelling in working together.

Achieving Hospitality Assured accreditation is an accomplishment. All of our community are recognised as being outstanding in their sectors, proud of their authentic customer-centric culture.

Any organisation that delivers a service can benefit from being Hospitality Assured. Whilst we are able to help any customer-facing organisation, we have demonstrated particular strengths in hospitality, facilities management, care and education.

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