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Delivering consistency and customer loyalty in hospitality

The hospitality sector relies on consistency, which in turn builds customer loyalty. Anyone can be excellent for a day, or even a week, but to deliver this systematic approach in a fast-paced 24/7 environment 365 days a year, across multiple outlets relies on embedded systems, processes and procedures that put the customer at the centre of the delivery process. Hospitality Assured, developed by the Institute of Hospitality and Surrey University will help bring this operating structure together under one framework and keep consistency, continual improvement and innovation at the heart of all you do.

We have over 20 years’ experience assisting single site and multi-site hotels, restaurants,  conference centres, holiday parks, leisure facilities and other visitor led tourism organisations to excel in customer centric processes.  We recognise the diversity of our customer base and understand that every business is unique and every business will have a different starting point.

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Victory Services Club

Victory Services Club, founded in 1907, is a prestigious military members club in the heart of London. They offer accommodation, dining and respite for all members and former serving members of the Armed Forces as well as hosting corporate events and weddings for non-members.

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