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Providing quality outcomes for a diverse network of stakeholders

Education is a complex network of stakeholders. Student expectations are at an all-time high with ever-changing demographics and external social influences in a social media driven marketplace. Every aspect of the school, campus and accommodation provision is under scrutiny and review in order to keep the student spend on site. We work with school meal services, colleges and universities with both in-house and outsourced provisions. 

The Hospitality Assured process is used to stress test the internal procedures, ensure that engagement with users is effective and in the correct format, communication structures are robust, benchmark against national standards and highlight areas where assessors may perceive any shortfall.

We have over 20 years of experience working with educational establishments balancing the needs of the diverse stakeholder groups in the educational sector through quality outcomes.

See what University College Birmingham achieved by working with Hospitality Assured.

Working with Education

University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham (granted full University status in 2012) with more than 7,500 students from 60 countries, is Europe’s leading specialist in management courses for the culinary arts, hospitality and tourism.

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