The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) have had a big increase in Hospitality Assured clients in 2019

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) began the journey with the Hospitality Assured (HA) UK in 2007, in order to strengthen the business performance and overall competitiveness of tourism enterprises in the Caribbean.

Since then we have built a relationship with our members to promote a culture of quality, service excellence and
continuous improvement, through the use of this business improvement tool and framework which is internationally recognised. We are pleased to announce that 2019 was a prosperous year for our members with eleven (11) companies successfully completing the programme and gaining HA certification, namely:
Island Magic Beach Resort – Belize
Karanambu Lodge – Guyana
King’s Hotel and Residences – Guyana
Roraima Duke Lodge – Guyana
The Boardwalk Village – Jamaica
Ocean Terrace Inn – St. Kitts and Nevis
Oualie Beach Resort – Nevis
Cox and Company Limited – St. Lucia
Southern Taxi Association – St. Lucia
Bakers Suite – St. Maarten
Hotel Alexandrina – St. Vincent & the Grenadines
All achieved successful scores; with Cox and Company Limited receiving the highest total score of 73% and showing strong performance in the areas of Training and Development, Service Delivery and Resources. Cox and Company Limited (CCL), based in St. Lucia, is a family owned business, established in 1926. The company offers a variety of services including Cox Shipping: port agency, freight and brokerage; Cox Travel: which provides a ferry services between the French islands; and Cox Tours and Destination Management –land and cruise-based tours. According to CCL, “HA allowed us to examine our business in a systematic manner to see the value of what we are doing, appreciate it and get more value from it.”

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