From Best Practice to a Pursuit for Excellence

Mitie was founded in 1987 and is the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company. Mitie 1Team at Vodafone have enabled Vodafone Business to achieve landmark energy savings worth over £10 million over 3 years. Received Hospitality Assured’s Award for Excellence for Team of the Year in 2018 and the Award for the Most Improved Score in 2019.

Stephanie McGrory, Head of Facilities, Mitie 1Team at Vodafone

We’ve been working with Hospitality Assured for over 7 years predominantly in the commercial sector. It started off as an opportunity to really cement best practice and now the journey has evolved into a pursuit for excellence.
Hospitality Assured has really cemented our governance framework, our quality assurance and the service we deliver to the client.”
David Fry, Head of Property at Vodafone endorsed Stephanie’s comments,
“Working closely with Mitie and Hospitality Assured has allowed us to be absolutely customer focused and ensure we are constantly redefining the FM delivery model. I am really proud of the team and have no doubt we can build on this success.”
 As a result of the success witnessed within the core business of Mitie 1Team at Vodafone, Mitie’s retail team were inspired to strive for the same standards, to be in the same league. Helen Pearce, National Account Manager, said, “for us getting the accreditation was a real affirmation for the work that we do. We learned a lot along the journey and we learnt that what we were doing was really good but we learnt also how we could improve.”
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