Top employers reaping rewards

It is good to see some employers giving increasing attention to employment practice, particularly after the spate of news stories concerning poor employment conditions within hospitality. Research shows that engaged colleagues are 17% more productive than their peers, are more likely to work diligently and also provide discretionary effort. Engaged employees enhance productivity levels, customer service satisfaction, team morale and innovation, thereby enhancing the workplace.

So how can businesses improve employee engagement and harness the energy of their teams? We would say firstly, the right policies need to be in place and these need to be supported. It is surprising how many businesses only pay lip service to this area. Primarily, this calls for a robust framework and for many organisations will involve a culture shift. This is a specialist area Hospitality Assured has helped many organisations to address, essentially by providing a unique framework for best practice with a clear route for performance improvement whilst motivating all teams within an organisation to act as one.

With best employment practices in mind, we are delighted to see Mitie, a top facilities management provider who also feature in the case studies on Hospitality Assured’s website, being named as one of the UK’s Top Employers by Top Employer for the fourth year running.

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