Top level service – TLC Care reaches World Class Status

TLC Care have been working with Hospitality Assured for the past four years and we’re thrilled to see them reach the highest of awards.

TLC Care delivers services from respite care to end of life support to enable their residents to live enjoyable and fulfilled lives through TLC’s enhanced wellbeing programme. All residents enjoy their sociable, homely environments where TLC considers each of their residents to be at the heart of their TLC family.

We are delighted to announce that in June 2021, all 8 TLC care homes achieved ‘World Class Status’ at their first ever group assessment, through their delivery of outstanding hospitality services to enhance the lives of their residents every day. TLC Care values its one team approach developed with Hospitality Assured’s support. All actions of the team reflect the values of Truth, Love and Compassion to those within the TLC family and surrounding communities. Having the prestigious status will ensure their team will continue evolving exceptional care quality and delivery. Their excellent service guarantees that residents and their loved ones receive a holistic, blended approach to hospitality services in all 8 homes.

All of the TLC Care team are to be congratulated. Paavan Popat, CEO of TLC Care said “We have been on our journey to Premier Status with Hospitality Assured for some time now. Having focused on our continuous improvement across all homes, during unprecedented difficult times, we are extremely proud to have been awarded Hospitality Assured Worldwide Status across all of our homes. Our teams in each Home and Support Office work together to ensure a positive experience is received by all of our residents in every aspect of care and hospitality. Our values of Truth, Love and Compassion are lived and breathed every single day, by every single team member within the TLC Family. We are always striving to improve ourselves in every way and will continue to do so.

Lorna Badrick, Chief Operating Officer, describes the benefits of working with Hospitality Assured: It has been an absolute pleasure to take the lead on the TLC Hospitality Assured journey to World Class Status – working as one team, living our values of Truth, Love and Compassion we showcased how outstanding our hospitality services are for our residents.

At TLC Care our people really are at the heart of all we do and our passionate, dedicated and committed team members go over and above every day to make a life for our residents. We believe in providing all our residents with fulfilling and meaningful opportunities and our approach to hospitality is inclusive, enabling and enriching. We are incredibly proud of our achievements and to be rated World Class is a phenomenal achievement that each and every single team member has contributed to. I couldn’t be prouder of our TLC Family”.

All at Hospitality Assured are immensely proud of the TLC family, too. Good to see TLC and their community all enjoying the rewards of following the HA journey to excellence.

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